Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


Does the course cover jazz or classical piano improvisation?

This course covers beginning improvisation skills that could be applied to any style. The language in the course is simple and does not use ‘fancy’ jazz piano terminology. 

what age student is this program best suited to?

This course is fantastic for all ages – students from 6-60 have enjoyed it and seen growth in their creative skills. 

what student skill level is this program best suited to?

The materials can work for any skill level. Elementary students may focus on the first few modules only while adults, intermediate, and advanced students can grow into improvising hands together.

I'm new to teaching piano, will this program be easy for me to execute?

That’s so exciting that you’re new to teaching piano! Yes, this program is step by step and provides all the resources needed for you to execute. 

I'm a seasoned instructor, how can I benefit from taking this course?

Fabulous that you’re a seasoned instructor! A benefit of the course is a fresh perspective on teaching piano improvisation in a step by step way that has the student chomping at the bit to learn more. The excited, creative energy and exploration of concepts flows into other lesson work – so the activities are a great asset to keep energy high in lessons.  

What is your refund policy?

There is a no-questions-asked 7-day refund policy. We are confident the course materials are valuable and set up to support you. If you find they aren’t a fit, simply email us and we will process a refund. 

Is this program available to anyone outside of the U.S.?

This program is available to anyone in the world. The materials are hosted online, and you may watch the videos at your convenience and download the resources as many times as you like.

Is this program suitable to teach to elementary piano students?

Yes, this program is suitable to teach elementary piano students. Elementary students especially benefit from the first several activities, and then can apply them to their current repertoire for variation.

Why is this piano improv program better than all the other resources online?

Great question! This program delivers content in sequential bite-sized pieces to the student (in a way that is easy for the teacher to execute), and covers all of the bases from zero to improvising hands together. The nature of the guidelines creates a safe space to be creative, so the anxiety of ‘creating something from nothing’ is dissolved.

Can a classical piano instructor teach the blues or jazz?

Yes. This course is specifically designed for classically trained teachers in that it uses language from the classical tradition. For advanced blues and jazz improvisation another resource or instructor may serve better – this program introduces the concepts and the scales used in blues and jazz improv.


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