Make every piano lesson a quick win.


You're a fabulous, classically trained piano teacher - Awesome!


You may have dabbled with some improv here or there but it's not your strong suit and your students aren't able to just 'play by ear.' With a full studio it's not easy to spend a ton of time learning to teach piano improv.


When it comes to teaching piano improvisation


Your piano lessons whiz by with technique, theory, recital and festival prep and new pieces

You have extensive knowledge and experience but there is just something missing when you improvise with your students

You want your students to feel confident enough to create music on the spot, but improv sessions in the lesson lack pizazz and clear direction



How would it feel to have a lesson plan


Know the exact concept order, activities, and steps to lead your students to successful piano improvisation

Inspire confidence in your students to easily create their own music

Connect the dots so your knowledge and experience clicks when you teach piano improvisation

Energize your students and reinforce core concepts


You’re in the right place. I’m a classically trained piano teacher and after two performance degrees improvisation was a mystery. I learned and integrated it into my teaching but it was a ‘if there is time left’ activity and none of my students had a clear progression or solid improv skills.


Christopher Norton’s step by step Quick Win Improv curriculum has completely changed the way my students improvise AND the way they analyze their pieces. Even hesitant students are empowered to create their own music.

Teaching improvisation piano has never been so easy!


Are you looking to try some new improvisation activities today? Click below for a free piano improvisation backing track from Christopher Norton. You can have your students experiment while hearing a band in the background.

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